PhD Students

Student Thesis Research Keywords
Yuhan Du Modeling the Effect of Maternal Diet on Health Outcomes of both Mother and Child machine learning, pregnancy
Yu An Automatic Geological Fault Interpretation And Modelling Computer Vision, Fault Interpretation, deep learning
xingyu pan Through the looking glass: Context aware non-HMD Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, context awareness, AI agent
Vivek Mahato Real-time Machine Learning in Manufacturing machine learning, Time-Series, Classification, Regression, Data Science
Vishnu Pratap Singh Kirar BIOBODYCOMP: BioBank Modelling of Human Body Composition in Health and Disease Body Composition, Obesity, Bone density, machine learning, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics
Taimur Hafeez A Robust Computing Framework for Sustainable Internet of Things (IoT) Utilising The Edge Computing Paradigm IoT, Edge Computing
Sixun Ouyang Explainable Models for Recommender Systems Recommender System, Explanation, deep learning, Text generation
Siobhán Grayson Identifying structure in multi-relational social networks networks, reddit, machine learning
Severin Gsponer Effective Algorithms for Sequence Learning in All-Substring Feature Spaces Sequence Learning, Linear Models, Pattern
Qinqin Wang Transfer Learning on Recommender System machine learning, Transfer Learning, Recommender System
Philipp Wicke Computational Embodied Creativity artificial intelligence, Computational Creativity, Computational Linguistics
Pasika Sashmal Ranaweera Enhancing Security in Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and Internet of Things (IoT) Integration Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), Security, Privacy, 5G, IoT
Muhammad Zahid Iqbal Machine Learning agents in Augmented Reality applications to facilitate adaptive and kinesthetic learning in STEM Education Augmented Reality, machine learning, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Education
Mirko Torrisi Predicting Protein Structural annotations by Deep and Shallow Learning deep learning, machine learning, bioinformatics
Mengya Zheng Augmented Reality Visualisation of Farm Land from Past and Current Data Augmented Reality, data visualisation
Mehran hossein Zadeh Bazargani Deep Novelty anomaly detection, data streams, sequences
Maryanne Doyle Visualising the Temporal Dynamics of Power Laws in Large Data Sets data visualisation, user study, Twitter, power law
Manaz Kaleel Improving Protein Structure and Subcellular Localization Prediction using Deep Learning bioinformatics, machine learning
Lan Wei Development of an EEG based sleep assessment scoring system using an Interpretable Machine Learning Approach EEG, sleep, machine learning, infants
Karl Roe An Extensible Framework for Intelligent Ubiquitous Sensing Within Precision Agriculture IoT, ubiquitous computing, sensors, consus, precision agriculture
John Francis Leader Mixed Reality Therapy mixed reality therapy, Mixed Reality, therapy, psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, cognition, learning
Hung Quoc Ngo Data Mining Model and Techniques for Very Large, Complex Crop Data Sets Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Ontology Engineering
H. Egemen Ciritoglu Adaptive Replication Management for Large-Scale Data-Intensive Clusters Big Data Storage, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Replication Management, Block Placement, Software Performance
Gunjan Kumar A Sequence-based and Context Modelling Framework for Recommendation recommender systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence
Gevorg Poghosyan Addressing Information Overload through Text Mining across News and Social Media Streams News, information overload, social annotations
Fanny Rivera Ortiz Engineering Forensic-Ready Software Systems software engineering, Digital Forensics, cyber-security
Faisal Ghaffar Social Network Formation for career development at work social network formation, enterprise network analysis, strategic social networking, social capital, career development
Eoin O'Neill Exploring Multi-Agent Microservices for Linked Data enabled Smart Agriculture Decision Support Systems Microservices, MAS, Linked Data
Eoin Kenny Using Case-Based Reasoning to Explain Artificial Intelligence Case-based reasoning, artificial neural networks, deep learning, machine learning, explainable ai, interpretability
Elayne Ruane Quality Assessment of Intelligent Conversational Agents conversational agent, chatbot, software testing, robustness testing, quality assurance, artificial intelligence
Duncan Wallace ADAM: Application of Data Mining Techniques to Service Modelling and Evaluation at Medical Companies medical-informatics, Data Mining, machine learning, big data, deep learning, artificial neural networks
Congcong Wang Classifying actionable categories of crisis-related tweets and estimating their criticality using computational techniques NLP, Social Media Analytics, machine learning
Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez Data Analytics Methods for the Dissemination and Consumption of News Text Analytics, News, Audience Analysis, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media
Chidubem Iddianozie Transfer Learning for Heterogeneous spatial graphs machine learning, Transfer Learning, Spatial Graphs, Volunteered Geographical Information, Spatial Databases, Urban Dynamics
Chamin Nalinda Lokugam Hewage Cloud based storage models for Full Waveform LiDAR data Full Waveform, LiDAR, Spatial Temporal Databases, Aerial Laser Scanning, Spatial Indexing
Asanka Priyadarshana Sayakkara Electromagnetic Side-Channel Analysis for Digital Forensics on Internet of Things Electromagnetic Side-Channel Analysis, Software Defined Radio, Digital Forensics, Internet of Things
Antonio Bevilacqua Machine Learning Applied to Rehabilitative Health Sience machine learning rehabilitation segmentation
Anna Markella Antoniadi Mining the Epilepsy EPR and ALS Register and Development of a Clinical Decision Support System machine learning, medical informatics, clinical decision support system
Alessandro Ragano Data-driven Quality Prediction for Digitally Restored Audio Archives machine learning, Audio Signal Processing, Audio Quality
Abeba Birhane Personhood and technology: Towards a Relational Ethics Ethics, AI, Data Science, Embodied Cognition, Complex Adaptive Systems, Intersectionality, Enaction, Dialogism