Laptop Purchasing

Purchasing a Laptop

The School does not have a preferred supplier of laptops, and does not insist on a particular platform or operating system. If you need advice on a laptop you currently own, or one that you are considering purchasing, please contact us here.  

UCD IT Services have some laptop recommendations here.

Any reasonably recent laptop will be sufficient for course purposes. Some things that you will consider before purchasing include

  • Technical specification (processor, RAM, hard drive etc)
  • Screen size
  • Weight
  • Warranty cover
  • Security features
  • Software bundled

Your machine should have 4 GB or more of RAM. 

UCD's current supplier of PCs is Dell. Please contact them directly for details of student offers.

Apple have student offers here.

Typetec and Compub also supply Apple and other machines, contact them for more details.



Note that some tablets or hybrid computers may not be suitable as your sole machine, as required software for your modules may not be supported. Please contact us if you have any queries.


Name Web Phone
Dell 1850 231012
Apple 1800 923898
Typetec 01-5009001
Compu b 1850 668888


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