Computer Science Support Centre (CSSC)

Welcome to Computer Science Support Centre (CSSC)

What We Do

Free tutoring for COMP* modules, advice on programming skills

What We Don't Do

Solutions to practicals/assignments and student technical support

CSSC Location: B1.03, 1st Floor CS Main Building
Opening Times: See below timetable



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(CSSC Coordinator)

The CSSC first opened its doors on the 22nd September 2008. The CSSC aims to:

  • provide additional academic support to that provided by the primary resources which are lecturers, teaching assistants (TA's) and demonstrators
  • provide tuition on a drop-in basis. This means students may personally call in to the centre during the opening hours that are posted on the website
  • help students to understand course material that they are still struggling with after utilising the primary resources provided (I.e., lecturers, TA's, demonstrators)
  • enable students to successfully complete coursework independently
  • show students how to solve a problem by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts
  • teach students how to debug there programs properly.

This is a FREE SERVICE, offered to UCD students taking computer science modules. The centre operates as a drop-in service, so if you have any computer science related difficulty, feel free to drop in.

The CSSC reopens for Semester 1 on Monday January 29th. Please check below for an updated list of tutors and opening times.


CSSC Tutors - 2016/2017 - Semester 2


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CSSC Tutors Timetable - 2017/2018 - Semester 2

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am - 11am Closed Closed Closed Closed Shane
11am - 12pm Closed Closed Closed Closed Shane
12pm - 1pm Mark Sam & Antonio Sam Shane Shane
1pm - 2pm Mark Sam Sam Shane Shane
2pm - 3pm Nina Sam & Nina Sam & Antonio Shane & Mark Closed
3pm - 4pm Nina Sam & Nina Sam & Antonio Shane & Mark Closed
 Module  Tutors
COMP10010 Introduction to Programming I all
COMP10030 Algorithmic Problem Solving Mark, Sam
COMP10070 Formal Foundations all
COMP10080 Information & Comms Technology Mark
COMP10110 Computer Programming I all
COMP10130 Computer Science in Practice all
COMP10280 Programming I (Python) all
COMP20010 Data Structures & Algorithms I all
COMP20020 Digital Systems all
COMP20070 Databases and Info. Systems I Mark, Shane
COMP20080 Computer Sci for Engineers II all
COMP20110 Discrete Maths for Comp. Sci. Mark, Sam, Shane
COMP20240 Relational Databases & Information Systems Mark, Shane
COMP20250 Introduction to Java all
COMP30030 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Mark, Shane
COMP30040 Networks and Internet Systems Mark, Shane
COMP30060 Program Construction I Mark, Sam
COMP30070 Object-Oriented Programming Mark, Shane
COMP30080 Processor Design Mark, Shane
COMP30110 Spatial Information Systems Mark, Shane
COMP30120 Machine Learning all
COMP30190 Program Construction II Mark, Sam
COMP30220 Distributed Systems Mark
COMP30240 Multi-Agent Systems all
COMP30250 Parallel and Cluster Computing Mark
COMP30260 AI for Games and Puzzles Mark, Sam, Shane
COMP30330 Compiler Construction Sam
COMP30390 Enterprise Innovation & Entrepeneurship Mark
COMP30640 Operating Systems Mark, Shane
COMP30650 Networks & Internet Systems Mark
COMP30660 Computer Architecture & Organisation all
COMP30680 Web Application Development all
COMP40010 Performance of Computer Systems Mark
COMP40250 Cognitive Psychology Mark, Shane
COMP40300 Context sensitive Service Delivery Mark
COMP40370 Data Mining Mark
COMP40610 Information Visualisation Mark
COMP40660 Advances in Wireless Networking Mark, Shane
COMP40750 Corporate Investigations Mark
COMP40770 Information Security Mark
COMP40800 Computer Forensics Foundations Mark
COMP41100 Exploring Programming in Ruby Mark, Shane
COMP41110 Cloud Computing Mark, Shane
COMP41260 Information Security Management 1 Mark
COMP41400 Multi-Agent Systems Mark, Sam
COMP41450 Machine Learning & Network Data Analysis all
COMP41670 Software Engineering (ME) all
COMP41690 Practical Android Programming Mark, Sam
COMP41700 Seminar Series on Data Science Mark
COMP47230 Introduction to Cognitive Science (Graduate) Mark
COMP47240 Text Analytics Mark, Sam
COMP47290 Green Sustainable Data Centre Management Mark
COMP47340 Computational Thinking Mark, Sam
Language / Technology Tutors
Java all
C all
C++ all
Ruby Mark, Shane
Perl Mark, Shane
Scheme Mark, Shane
SQL Mark, Nina
Python all
HTML all
CSS all
PHP Mark
Javascript all
Latex all
Android Mark, Sam

Say for example a module such as "Intro to Programming (COMP10010)" is causing some problems for you, then you should do the following:

  • Using the tutor-modules lists (above), choose a tutor that is able to give tutorials in COMP10010

  • Using the tutors timetable (above), find a day and time where that tutor is working in the centre and drop by during that time.. Simple!